Here at SCC there are just a few rules which include:

1. Please NEVER touch any of the cars or motorcycles. 

2. There is no soliciting or networking allowed, period! If you want to promote your business or product this is NOT the place for it. 

3. Please respect the privacy of the members, and visitors. Do NOT inquire about ANY member's personal information, including their car collection, residence, or profession. SCC members share their personal information at their own discretion, NOT yours. Members not respecting this protocol will be permanently removed from the membership.

4. Vehicles are not offered for sale at SCC events except under special circumstances. There are NO "For Sale Signs" allowed. 

5. Please follow the Golden Rule- no negative comments such as "My Land Rover is better then your Ferrari"  or "My Mustang is way cooler then your Camaro". Each and every vehicle is special to the person who brought it. Period. 



Secret Car Club (SCC) is a private car cub started in August of 2010 with the intent of removing all of the less attractive points of the traditional car club.  SCC has no meetings, no election of officers and no dues. In doing so, SCC bypasses all of the drudgery and "politics" prevalent in most groups.  SCC meets each week on Saturday morning  rain or shine year round. 

Who are the members of SCC?  Men and women ( yes that's right, women ) from every possible background who come together for the love of all things mechanical from cars, boats, planes and trains, to those who love history.  This is not like any other car club you have ever seen--  it changes every 5 minutes and you never know who might show up, or what they might bring! 



There are only two ways you can join: you may receive an invitation to join, or you can be invited by a current member. That's it.  SCC doesn't care who you are, how much money you make, how many cars you have, or who you know.  If you love the cars, the history, and the people, you are IN.  A very simple concept.