SECRET CAR CLUB is a members only club. If you are interested in more information about membership, please select the contact tab on the home screen.

Secret Car Club (SCC) was started in August of 2010 when Chris Erickson and two of his real estate clients decided to organize a different type of car club.  More often than not, typical car clubs tend to be very segregated with all of the same make or model in individual groups.  Chris wanted to create something distinctive-- a group that was more inclusive, open to all makes, models, and motorcycles... From the oldest Brass Era cars to the latest manufacturer's models.  

A community of genuine car aficionados, SCC has evolved into so much more.  Unlike other car clubs, it has cultivated a diverse following from all walks of life, professions, youngsters, and ladies all sharing the same passion.  Ultimately, the SCC brings people together and fuels a fervor that only true car fans can appreciate.